Why Every Business Needs convosio

3 min readMar 23, 2022


Position your business to be ready for any customer question or issue with the convosio.

Position your business to be ready for any customer question or issue with the convosio. convosio is a live chat system that promotes the customer to engage with your business and get all their questions or complaints responded to fast! Why is this important? The success of your business is directly proportional to its customer satisfaction. Thus, your business needs to adopt a customer communication portal that’s useful, dynamic and automated with payment capabilities.


convosio is useful for customers in that it allows them to contact you non-invasively versus a phone call which allows you a bit of time to respond optimally via live chat. Customers expect a direct response in under 60 seconds with live chat. With convosio you’ll have the opportunity to satisfy the customer with a fast response, note the average response time with a customer via live chat is under 26 seconds, so always have someone in support by a device or computer. That’s right, customers and employees alike can communicate through a device since the convosio app is coming out soon.


convosio is a next-level live chat because it’s fully dynamic. Customers love the ability to speak precisely, so enable them to do so with enough tools in the chat. When customers know they can rely on precise communication tools and fast responses, it increases long-lasting retention.


With convosio, you can pre-program a messenger bot to offer visitors a memorable and consistently positive experience. Rest assured that conversion’s messenger bot can even push out automated messages based on how customers interact with your website.

Payment Solution

convosio also offers a live payment system, thanks to another software application offered on mydev.com called iPaymer. With iPaymer, your business can conveniently provide payment services for anything you sell. Note, there is a 45% increased likelihood of customer purchases once you have them engaged in conversation. So, imagine, if the solution to a customer question or issue is to a cross sale or upsell to a different product or service, you’ll be able to do that easily with iPaymer via convosio live chat. If you’re an e-commerce, you can preprogram the site to show pop up payment information based on where the customer scrolls on the website.


Manage high demand easily with convosio. Generate customer service reports if you want to summarize all visitors’ information, and other actions, convosio offers the solution! Monitor all chats in real-time to quickly assess situations between support and customers. Identify problems and patterns amongst your customers and support team so you can respond appropriately. Such optimized and efficient communication fosters a customer relationship that builds brand loyalty. Start building strong relationships with your customers today.

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