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2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Claritick & Convosio are both popular applications on

Claritick & Convosio are both popular applications on Users know how powerful they are as a tool when used together. Claritick is a ticketing system used to post, assign, resolve, and closeout customer issues. Convosio is a real-time live chat that supports staff use to interact with prospects or gather information to create tickets in Claritick. For optimal results, MyDev suggests using both systems in an action called “conversational ticketing.” Conversational ticketing is where a customer or prospect is prompted through live chat to answer a series of questions which will create a ticket and route the statement to the most experienced person in the support department to answer or solve.

Here are some reasons why conversational ticketing is simply the best:

Offers Self Service

Many questions from customers or prospects are repetitive. Yes, your business website could have an FAQ page but as many of you may already know, customers like to ask questions regardless. So, with Convosio you can program automated responses to common questions.

Turns Messages into Tickets

As stated above, with conversational ticketing, customers simply respond to a series of prompts that turn information into tickets automatically. Thus, the initial rudimentary tasks of gathering a name, phone number, or initial phase of the issue can be recorded and assigned to the most relevant employee based on the keywords.

Monitor & Enhance Support

With conversational ticketing, managers can judge how the individual assigned handled the issue and if they responded to the customer in a productive fashion. This way, staff can be: rewarded for their performance, given helpful speech suggestions, or reconditioned for proper support etiquette.

Maintain Compliance

With Claritick, managers can be confident that they’re always fully compliant in saving all records of customer or prospect tickets. This helps immensely when a customer is referencing something that happened in the past, managers can simply repopulate old tickets.

With inflation, the difficulty of hiring quality employees, and the pressure to cut costs or automate due to being understaffed during the pandemic, having a ticketing system can work wonders for a business that is finding a way to keep growing or solidify market share. For the optimal way to streamline your support department, try using and linking Claritick and Convosio, you’ll never go back to inbox checking ever again!

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