Live Chat Stats and Etiquette

3 min readMar 14, 2022


Live chat is here to stay and it’s growing by the day

Live chat is here to stay and it’s growing by the day! More and more customers are turning to live chat which is a huge benefit for businesses looking to streamline their support teams and pre-plan how they resolve issues. Though it’s important to understand the way a support team should conduct itself within the chat.

Statistics You Can’t Ignore

According to Econsultancy customers prefer live chat by a wide margin over any other form of contact with a business. The study found that 73% of customers prefer live chat communication vs 61% via email, 48% with social media, and just 44% by phone. Live chat is dominating the communication world because it provides immediacy, which is by far the most cited reason for preference. Plus, if you look at new generations, like millennials, their overall use of live chat is 20% higher than the response group. So over 90% of millennials prefer live chat which is why businesses must have a live chat feature on their web pages.

How To Conduct Yourself In Live Chat

First, understand that 60% of customers don’t want to wait more than a minute for a response. The average time for an initial reply is around 23 seconds. So, try and respond faster than 23 seconds to outperform the competition.

Always introduce yourself with the frame that it’s two people talking to one another not a business to a customer. As for resolution times, if you can’t give a promised solution in a short timeframe, at least offer a guaranteed time to update the customer on your progress. When you deliver on the promise of a timely update, you are not only keeping the customer informed but also building trust.

Remember, when a customer is looking for help or asks a question, it means they’re already having a less than perfect experience. If similar questions keep arising, then it’s a sign that your website can be optimized.

Make sure the live chat button is shown on every page of your website, even the FAQ page.

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