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4 min readApr 14, 2022


When customers engage you with live chat, they are expecting a fast response with a friendly solution-orientated frame

When customers engage you with live chat, they are expecting a fast response with a friendly solution-orientated frame. Customers know you will have to ask them what’s their question or issue and perhaps ask to validate their account. In return, they expect and feel entitled to, a happy resolution. Enter Convosio, a dynamic live chat system that offers customers quick answers.

According to a June 2020 article published by the Wall Street Journal “Customer Complaints, and Their Ways of Complaining, Are On the Rise”, “66% of consumers surveyed in 2020 said they had experienced a problem with a product or service, up from 56% in 2017.” This means you’re probably going to hear from customers regarding the product or service. You must be prepared for a fiery charge and frustrated or sarcastic responses. However, thanks to live chat, your support team doesn’t need to deal with the angry tone of voice.

The following are things to be cognizant about when engaging customers and prospects alike with good chat support:

Be Calm & Caring

Bruce Lee, a man who some could view has a hot-headed fighter once said “one of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm. Calm is a superpower.” Bruce Lee is correct; your customer support team needs to be able to hold tension. Some customers are going to show aggression and write in a provocative manner which might attempt to trigger the ego or well being of your support staff. Remain calm, do not budge, and take a few breaths if necessary but do not get phased.

Active reading is required at the beginning of the message feed.

Pay attention to what the customer is saying, not just what they’re asking for. Fortunately, with live chat, there’s no need to take notes, all the information is on the screen being typed by the customer.

If the customer question or problem sounds vague, ask a question to clarify. For example, if the customer says “my clothes arrived but they’re the wrong size” you ask for their shipment number to check which size they ordered to begin with. Or perhaps their software is not working properly or giving a glitch that is not understandable to the support team, in this case, screen sharing can be requested.

As you ask for clarification or repeat back phrases that the customer just mentioned, it may frustrate them that they must acknowledge the repetition. Here, it’s important to show empathy, say something like “I can tell this is bothering you, I just needed to clarify, thank you, let me try and resolve this for you, just one moment.” After searching for a solution, if it’s still not reachable based on the information offered by the customer, then ask for more info and again acknowledge by mentioning “I know this is a huge inconvenience for you, we just need a bit more information, could you tell me, etc?’

Think On Your Feet

Critical thinking skills are necessary for customer service. The support team must be prepared with a variety of solutions, to begin, before a customer calls in. If the issue is entirely new, never heard of, invite other employees to the groupthink of a solution. If it’s an entirely new issue, consider multiple perspectives which can help you gather creative solutions.

Automated Messaging & Convosio

By this point, perhaps you’re thinking “why even bother speaking to the customers?” Now, if you already have the answers to most of their questions or concerns, you could just set up a messenger bot to handle resolutions. Enter Convosio, a live chat system like no other. Convosio is the best, most convenient, even fun, way to interact with your customers. With Convosio your customers will happily communicate in the way they feel they can best get their point across relating to their questions, concerns, or issues. Convosio offers chat, auto-bot messaging, file & picture upload, and more. Try it today!

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