Engaging With Prospects

3 min readFeb 22, 2022

The eCommerce website of your dreams is finally up and running thanks to building it on mydev.com

The eCommerce website of your dreams is finally up and running thanks to building it on mydev.com. The pages have the right font and colour, the text is minimal, there are calls to action to “buy now” or click “free trial.” The marketing is on point, with the content being created daily using highly search keywords. The sales are lacking though…you wonder why? Well, no matter how great the website is, you still have to engage with the customer sometimes. Enter convosio, a live chat system that allows facilitates seamless conversation between the customer and sales team.

When someone visits your website, there should be a live chat icon right next to the “buy now” or “free trial” button. Customers don’t want to pick up the phone or write an email just to know more about the product or service, they simply won’t do it. Live chat is essential for any professional website these days. If a prospect isn’t sure about purchasing or using the free trial, then how are you going to convince them without a method of contact? The prospect will simply leave your website and go buy the product or service elsewhere. Remember, eCommerce websites aren’t physical stores where a sales attendant can interpret the customer and understand their needs and desires so that the appropriate response can be made. You need a chat support method.

Now, if you’re worried about too many prospective questions, first realize, that means you’re getting a lot of page visits. Have a page showcasing the product or service with screenshots, pictures, and videos of it operating optimally. However, customers may not want to take the time to scroll through pictures or watch a video. Customers that have questions will appreciate the instant access you give them with a human that cares. Give the customer what they want which is chat support! If a prospect visits your site, their buying temperature is hot. They just need a little nudge before the sale is complete. Remember to talk about what benefits and solutions your product or service is providing.

Now with convosio, you don’t even need to speak with customers. Rather you can plug and chug automated responses to an infinite variety of questions your customers may have. Let’s say you’re a start-up without the funds to hire enough humans to answer the phone, no problem, another reason to let convosio’s bot do the job.

Get connected with your prospective customers by trying convosio today at mydev.com

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