Does My Business Need Live Chat?

3 min readApr 15, 2022


Live chat is a super powerful and important feature to have on any business website, especially if it’s an e-commerce

Live chat is a super powerful and important feature to have on any business website, especially if it’s e-commerce. However, many owners and managers don’t see the value in it, or they believe it’s too much of a hassle to constantly, and instantly demand, to deal with customers. Well, thanks to an article titled “Live Chat Statistics” posted by, the facts show that businesses need a live chat system, and here’s why:

About 69% of shoppers in the US demand live chat features

There’s a reason why so many shoppers demand live chat, it’s fast, easy, and seemingly reliable. For millennials and newer generations that are tech-savvy, live chat is a non-intrusive, non-try hard way of resolving issues quickly. No wonder 99firms found that “Live chat is the number one service choice for shoppers between 18 and 49 years old.” With live chat, there is no need to put in the effort to pick up a phone, plug in your headphones, remain on hold, exert energy voicing your frustrations, and possibly need to repeat yourself at the risk of the customer support rep does not understand your question or issue. With live chat, the question is time stamped into the message feed for the rep to read repeatedly until they understand. If necessary for validation or clarity, the rep can ask additional questions and the customer can respond at their convenience. Live chat is a customer’s best friend because it empowers them to message the business anytime expecting an immediate response.

Businesses Profit from Live Chat Ease of Use

Live chat is equally beneficial for businesses in that it allows them to respond optimally or give a deadline by which they will follow up with the customer. When the business follows up at the precise time promised, it builds trust with the customer.

Did you know that “Live chat costs companies 15–33% less compared to phone support?” In addition, did you know that “Live chat improves conversion rates by 3.84%” and the customers who use live chat “spend up to 60% more per purchase than those who don’t?”

The numbers speak for themselves, so why doesn’t your business have live chat again?


Without a live chat system, money is being left on the table and customer satisfaction is not being taken seriously. With around 73% of customers finding “live chat the most satisfactory form of communication with a company”, what are you doing? You paid to open a website and get it hosted, you put in the time to make the website look nice, you spent the money to send out email campaigns of which just a low average of 15% open to visit your site, and then when the FAQ page might not be enough, you don’t have a live chat! Customers aren’t going to pick up a telephone and call you about the product or service, they want to live chat, and give the customer what they want. Don’t be lazy, accommodate the customer in the way they want to communicate, it pays you back, literally, with increased sales in the long run. Get a live chat system, and try Convosio, it’s optimized to be dynamic with file sharing, picture uploading, screen sharing, and various text formats of messaging. Convosio is the best live chat system, sign up for a trial and get a live chat icon on your landing page today.

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